Mondarella almonds are grown in California. The climatic conditions there are exceptionally good for harvesting the highest-quality almonds.

Mondarella almond tree

How do we save water?

Water efficiency in almond production is a key issue. In recent years, our suppliers have been able to reduce water consumption by 33% by using intelligent cultivation methods and efficient micro-sprinkling technologies. These systems save water by delivering water directly to the roots of the plants.

Our partners have committed to reducing consumption by a further 25% by 2025.


Mondarella almond shell

Plant protection at Mondarella.

Our farmers are often carefully selected family farms that have been growing almonds for several generations with a great sense of responsibility for nature and environmental protection.

This means integrated measures to protect almond trees and crops from weeds, insects and diseases, and keeping pesticide use low. Technologies are used to prevent the Navel Orangeworm from mating, to promote beneficial insects, and to monitor pest levels closely.

Compared to other countries, our farmers have already adopted especially environmentally friendly methods of pest control. They will continue to develop this in the future.

Mondarella bees

Why do we love bees?

Many factors have led to alarming bee mortality worldwide. For us, a good bond between bees and almond farmers is essential, so our almond farmers and their beekeepers work especially closely together. Bees are set out to fertilise the almond blossoms in spring, and the almond trees give the bees their first natural food source. Colonies that have visited almond plantations are generally stronger, and beekeepers can then split the colonies and enlarge the beehives. That is why the Almond Board of California takes several measures to improve bee health. Collaboration with universities, government agencies and non-profit organisations has resulted in the Honey Bee Best Management Practices (BMPs) for California almonds.

We love bees, and bees love the almond blossom – and this love is felt daily by beekeepers and the many people who have dedicated their lives to bees. To ensure their habitat is perfect for the bees, caring people care for and protect that habitat. This was very important for us and one of the reasons why we decided to work with these almond farmers.

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