How was Mondarella born?

There’s a crazy story behind Mondarella: Piero Brunetti grew up in Sicily and had always been ill or had a cold since he was a child. As a long-time musician, he travelled to many different places. Then by chance, he met a professor in London who was conducting a study on vegetarian diets – and took part. It changed his life: just four weeks into eating a vegetarian diet, all his illnesses had disappeared and he felt better than ever before.

He began intensively researching scientific and medical studies on vegan foods. The results opened his eyes, and he decided to change his diet for the rest of his life.

Completely convinced, he began working with Italian mamas and cooks and making delicious vegetarian foods, including an almond-based mozzarella. This was the birth of Mondarella.

He then spent many years developing the product in Italy and Germany until it was ready for market launch. Mondarella is now available in various countries, and new almond-based products are in production. Piero and the whole ‘Mondarella family’ are committed to the brand with all their expertise and passion.

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