The Lightness of being

We believe that every person should have the right and freedom for consciously healthy nutrition made with Love, Easy and NATURALLY.
We are on a Mission to introduce the typical Italian cuisine pure and exclusively plant-based to the world.

Mondarella – is made with natural and sustainably grown ingredients. We grow our almonds ourselves in carefully selected locations. Only olive oil and pure Mediterranean sea salt are used to preserve the product. This short ingredient list gives Mondarella a 18% unique high almond content.

Why almonds

Almonds provide protein and healthy fats

Current studies have shown the link between a healthy lifestyle and the consumption of almonds. They stimulate vitality and have positive effects on healing processes. Just 12 to 15 almonds – or a Mondarella – a day are sufficient to see these effects.

A healthy alternative to Mozzarella

By avoiding animal ingredients, it provides healthy fats and proteins that satisfy without causing bloat.

Nutrition factsMozzarella cheese
[per 100g]
Vegan based Mozzarella
[per 100g]
[per 100g]
Energy1100 kJ / 263 kcal766 kJ / 183 kcal614 kJ / 148 kcal
Total fat211610,4
Copper--0,16 mg
Manganese--0,39 mg
Vitamine E--4,4 mg

Healthy and radiant skin

Promotes weight loss

Ideal for lactose intolerant

Sustainable cultivation

A collaborative and prosperous environment for all parties

Almonds are the main ingredient of Mondarella.
To ensure only the best almonds are used, we establish long term partnerships with carefully selected farmers in order to maintain the highest quality. We also ensure fair trade – fairly paying all our producers and suppliers, guaranteeing sustainable cultivation of all raw ingredients, and avoiding any artificial preservatives.